Trust in green

Six minutes after opening my eyes this morning, I googled ‘fertility cleanse’. I’m a marketer’s dream, right now – willing to try anything to conceive.

I came across books, teas, smoothies and herbal remedies.

Then I came across a picture of a police drugs’ haul – and I thought, “hands up off the keyboard, lady. Step away from the internet.”

Over my breakfast bowl of banana porridge, Mother Nature reminded me of her clever inventions.

“Fruit and vegetables, my love. They’re your friends in this,” she said. “Especially the green ones – but have a regular nibble on the whole rainbow.”

Thanks Mum!


7 thoughts on “Trust in green

      1. This morning struggle town mentally, but this afternoon much better thank you!😊. Just after I read your post my hubby came in saying “right what are we going to get you to eat”. Food for me is so frustrating!! Are you Doing ok? Xx


      2. Ah, I can only imagine how tough the wait is. I guess it’s like the whole experience, distilled into a couple of weeks. I will know for myself soon. I’m okay. Lots to finish off with client before leaving – trying not to buy into the pressure and just take it a day at a time. X

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      3. Yes, exactly- some days it feels like all the whole month rests in that one bloody day when you get the test. The lead up is often brutal.

        You will indeed feel it all soon and please know I am here anytime if you need a chat or vent! Keeping busy & yes one day at a time, my mantra 🙏🏻 🦄🌟⭐️ xx

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