Love the monkey

On Monday afternoons, I take Professor Wilson to hypnotherapy.

I booked sessions for the little monkster because he overthinks everything. Right now, his favourite subjects are babies and a secure home.

He has hair-brained ideas about what’s best for me – so I decided the gift of relaxation was the best thing for him.

After five sessions, I know it’s working. The hypnotherapy chills him out. His little monkey brain stops whizzing. He forgets his worries. He goofs around afterwards.

As for me, the hypnotherapy makes me love him a bit more. He only worries because he wants to protect me.


3 thoughts on “Love the monkey

  1. Love this post!! Ohh interesting, i have never tried hypnotherapy to help, maybe i’ll give it a go to help de-stress. All the best for you during your 2WW (I am not used to all the fertility acronyms as yet!) xx


    1. Thank you! xx I am not used to the acronyms either – that’s yet another thing I find myself googling, in this mysterious process. I am finding the hypnotherapy useful – who knows what it’s actually doing, but anything that makes me feel better works for me! x How are you getting on? What’s the latest for you?


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