Feeling the pressure

This evening, I have paperwork all around me – client work to complete. I’m working late because it feels like time is running out.

I finish work mid-April, to put fertility treatment first. We’ve been saving long enough, so I can take some time out when we do our embryo transfer – give it some love.

I’m scared because I’ve always worked. I want to finish off my client work, immaculately. I’m definitely overdoing it, seeking reassurance there’ll be more work if I need it.

I wonder, why the urge to make everything so neat and tidy?

Thoughts and suggestions are welcome!


2 thoughts on “Feeling the pressure

  1. That’s great news you’ll be taking some time out while you’re having treatment 🙂 Not sure if this makes sense, but I find that infertility is something which is just beyond our control and hence in other areas of my life I like to try and gain as much control as possible! Plus my mind is all over the shop, I feel the pressure EASILY and like everything to be in it’s place, tidy, etc. so I don’t feel so stressed. Maybe it’s normal what you’re going through is what I am trying to say! Hope that makes sense!? xx


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