What’s your IVF rollercoaster ride?

Build your own IVF theme park ride in three easy steps.

Step 1

Start with The

Step 2

Add the word next to your birth month…

  • January: Ovarian
  • February: Fertility
  • March: Eggy
  • April: Conception
  • May: Pregnancy
  • June: Baby
  • July: Uterine
  • August: TTC
  • September: Embryo
  • October: Hormonal
  • November: Injection
  • December: IVF

Step 3

Add the word next to the initial of your first name…

  • A-B: Bender
  • C-D: Loop
  • E-F: Escapade
  • G-H: Twister
  • I-J: Screamer
  • K-L: Mare
  • M-N: Whirlwind
  • O-P: Shaker
  • Q-R: Adventure
  • S-T: Howler
  • U-V-W: Intensity
  • X-Y-Z: Tornado

What’s your IVF rollercoaster ride?

Mine’s The Ovarian Loop!

Sounds quite fun. HA!

This post is dedicated to all my courageous IVF sisters and brothers – particularly IVF79 and IVF Keyboard Therapy right now. Hang in there xxxxxx



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