“Half animal, half man”

Congratulations Avocado! Number one in the fertility food charts – how do you feel?

The women.

The women what?

They love ma hips.

How do you handle the attention?

I sing Shakira, Shakira.

Hips Don’t Lie?

Keep on reading the signs of my body.

Well, you’re full of folate, Vitamin E, fibre and mono-unsaturated fat….

Don’t you see baby, this is perfection.

What’s next for you, Avocado? World tour? Oh boy, I can see your body moving!

The attraction, the tension.

Oh baby when you talk like that, you make a woman go mad. 

Come on, let’s go – real slow.


Editor’s note: see, this is where unexplained infertility takes you in the end. Just as infinite monkeys will type the works of Shakespeare – infertility always leads to sexual avocados, given enough time.

God love you Shakira – for your truthful hips (and for writing most of this post).


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