Introducing Edgy McSpark

At 9.23pm last night, the doorbell went bzzzzzzz.

I went downstairs and found a curious creature on my doorstep – part hedgehog, part lightning bolt.

Mum100_blog_Edgy_McSpark_business_cardHe handed me his business card.

Flipper, flapper & general scrapper

“No flipping, flapping or scrapping required in this dwelling,” I said.

Edgy edged inside.

Upstairs, I switched on an Evel Knievel documentary. Edgy put his pointy red feet up and he polished off my chicken dinner. We were happy!

Then I did my twelfth night injection and Edgy turned. Scrapping and flapping, he was, chewing my fella’s ear.

Later on, Edgy was too hot and scratchy to sleep.

Peculiar fellow! I wonder how long he’s going to stay?

PS. As an antidote to Edgy’s behaviour, I really like Sabbir Muslim’s ideas on how to heal physical illness or pain, including cancelling beliefs in adverse side effects from medication. Sabbir has an incredible personal story of overcoming kidney failure through finding a spiritual solution.

So, you’re welcome to stay, Edgy, but I don’t have to buy into your flipping and flapping and scrapping! 🙂


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