Skydiving cat – oh, that’s supposed to be me!

On Friday, I worked my last day for a longstanding client. I gave notice in February because I’m not Superwoman. For me, busy work life doesn’t mix with a frozen embryo transfer.

I was touched by the send off from colleagues – lunch, flowers and a funny card. I thought, nothing says fertility treatment quite like a madcap cat, seconds after diving from a plane!

I trust that leaving work is the right thing to do. We’ve been saving since 2013, when we started trying for a baby. Now is the time to invest in peace and spaciousness.

(Now, where’s that ripcord ??!!)


11 thoughts on “Skydiving cat – oh, that’s supposed to be me!

      1. Doing okay thank you. Supposed to have had my Implications appointment today but the clinic had to reschedule to Thurs, ahhhh! Just when I got my head around it. Ah well, only 2 more days 😉 xx


      2. It’s where the nurse goes through what drugs I need, comes up with the plan, and what to expect at each stage, etc. Apparently it’s a 2 hour appointment! Will do a post tomorrow about it once I have had the reschedule appoint in the morning. Maybe different clinics call them diff things!


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