BOUNCING all the way to TRANSFER DAY!!

Mum100_blog_IVF_embryo_transfer_excitement_excited_celebrationOi oi! Christmas on helium here – jacking this blog while Mum 100 has an afternoon snoozicle.

Boy oh boy, what a day baby! We’re on our way to transfer day, we are on our blimming way! Fifteen months of bouncing backwards and forwards to the hospital – lovely people those doctors and nurses, some fantastic walls to bounce off in the clinic – but the truth is I have been looking forward to this day, since before Donald Trump was even a thing. Imagine that, people?!  That’s forever ago!

“Everything is looking good with the lining,” the doctor said at today’s scan.
Well, I couldn’t help myself. I planted a
red rubbery kiss  on her cheek.
Waaaaaaaaayyyyaaaaaaaaaah, I cried (without the tears or too much dribble).
The nurse grinned at me and said, “it’s been a long time getting here, right?”

Tuesday 10th May  is our date for bringing home two little blasters. That’s my future brother and sister we’re talking about, people! We are going to play so many helium-inspired games. 

To celebrate this great day, I’m bouncing floor to ceiling in the flat, spinning some tunes from my sherbet-fuelled youth!

Here we go – it’s transfer time!


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