On Cyclogest – (very likely too much information!)

I’ve been awakened to the delights of Cyclogest suppositories, which start tomorrow morning. I did know they were coming because I’m an over-googler – but in the fifteen months of going to our fertility clinic, the nurses have been zip-lipped about this one! Until they schlipped this little piece of paper across the desk…


On returning home from the hospital, I took a stroll to our local pharmacy. I had the most un-British of conversations with a lovely assistant, who proposed various options to “help it on its way”.

“Did you want some gloves?” she said.
“Um, not sure.”
“We have latex or cotton.”
“One pair? Or we’ve got four pair packs.”
“If I go the glove route, I’ll need a lot more than that.”
“Your best bet is to call back after lunch. The pharmacist will be back then. He’s ever so helpful.”
“Great, I’ll do that.” (In other words: I bought some toothpaste and left sharpish, never to return).

Back home, I discovered again how much support is available in the IVF community online. I found some experienced IVF sisters, who freely shared their marvellous tips – including exactly how to bend and insert. And then there was this priceless tip on exactly how far the Cyclolaughing-smiley-cries-tears-of-joygest needs to go in:

“I’d describe it as…“until your bum swallows it”. When it does, you’ll know.”

Mum100-blog-cyclogest-IVF-frozen-embryo-transferA big thank you to @hopeepimum, @tweettoconceive and @mamaedenandme for making me laugh-cry and for teaching me that there is, in fact, an emoji sequence for the Cyclogest experience. Fancy that!


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