Reassurance is human

Mum100-blog-IVF-day-3-past-embryo-transfer-spotting-words-wisdom-welcomeIt’s day 3 past my 5-day embryo transfer. I had mild cramping, low down. Over several hours, I passed a small amount of brown blood. I was frightened when it started. I went for a walk to the shop, to clear my head. A guy with a can of Tennent’s lager called out, “cheer up love”. I managed a smile, further down the road.

Mum100_blog_Doctor_Google_overgoogling_IVF_fertility_treatment_answersDr Google was at my door when I got home. He was making his usual guarantees of total certainty and fast results. I let him into my flat, having promised myself I wouldn’t hang out with him in the two week wait. Dr Google found an article that reflected back exactly what I wanted to see – this one on implantation bleeding. It satisfied me for about five minutes, but then I wanted more!

Thankfully, I soon realised that no amount of googling could solve the real problem. I needed connection with human beings, with people who have been where I have been, people who understand these strange tricks of the mind. So, I reached out to the IVF community on Twitter instead.

Some helpful and kind responses came very quickly (thank you sisters!) – reassuring me that my symptoms are perfectly normal, and more importantly, reminding me I’m not alone. I also asked Dad 100 for a hug.

I’ve learned again today that reassurance is provided by humans not internet searches. A Google search is a sprint in the darkness: I will get somewhere fast, but I might slam into a brick wall!

IVF sisters – I really appreciate your company and kindness. Thank you!



11 thoughts on “Reassurance is human

  1. For me this happened day 5 passed. It lasted 5-6 days. Sometimes it was real blood not just brown. What I learnt is anything is bloody possible. I spent those five days downs in the dumps and feeling sorry for myself. I basically went to bed for 4 days. This is why o recommend rest! Must have worked for me/ we are all so different and by that I mean we don’t always do what dr Google or the text book tells us is normal.
    Bleeding is not a bad sign – anything is possible! You are strong, you are positive and you are a champion!!

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    1. Thank you so much for this brilliant message. I do remember you going through this and then coming out the other side – that was such a remarkable day, I remember feeling so happy for you! It’s so true what you say, that we are individuals. Right, I’m recommitting to not googling for the two week wait, it doesn’t really help! I’ll just blog and chat to people on social media instead. It’s so much better this way. Thank you for being there.

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      1. The worry has settled a bit now, thanks to the support. It’s when I try to figure it out on my own, that’s when I get into trouble. I have to keep reminding myself, this is out of my hands – I remember, but then I forget all over again, that I’m not running the show! Do you know what I mean? Xx


      1. I’m okay. Just the usual mentalness! It’s official test day tomorrow so I guess then at least I can be “officially” pregnant… And then start worrying about the next thing! Argh! This stuff is such a b****! Keep on keeping on… I’m rooting for you! X

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