Drop ’em, Glumbags!

Mum100-blog-IVF-journey-ups-downs-glum-bags-past-futurePut the bags down.

But I like carrying them.

You’ll feel better if you let go.

I will carry my bags until I’m blue in the face.

Er, Glumbags? You looked in a mirror lately?

Nope, eyes down.

You’re blue in the face already!


Yes indeed.

But if I put down my bags, someone will pinch them.

I promise you, no-one will steal your baggage. No resale value whatsoever.

Excuse me, there are tons of memories and future concerns in here – and they’re very, very precious to me!

How do they make you feel, Glumbags?


Do you like feeling glum?

No I don’t.

What have you actually got to be glum about today?

Well, I have to carry these two heavy bags for starters.

Aha! I have a fine solution. Come out and play.

What about my hair? Will the rain mess it up?


Do you know how much Brylcreem I use, to smooth my navy locks?

How about this? After we play, we’ll go to the late night Turkish barber on the High Street.

What is there to do on a Sunday, anyway?

We can do handstands in the park. We can juggle plums at the grocery store. We can gargle the National Anthem in the Rose & Crown. Hey, here’s an idea – we can have a curry!

I like curry.

Let’s go, my treat. We’ll ask Dad 100 if he wants to come with us. And no thinking about babies, deal?

Can I pick up my baggage when we get home?

Sure Glumbags, they will be right here.

Okay, mine’s a king prawn jalfrezi and some sag aloo.

Oh, I love a sag aloo, I do.


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