Christmas on helium – on the decks

Mum100-blog-Christmas-on-helium-decks-IVF-positivity-music-upbeatI have to thank the red rubber ball in my life – Christmas on helium. He has been doing his bouncy best over the weekend to keep me upbeat, with his mix of feel good tunes. He’s such a helpful little character. He encourages me to get up on the dance floor of life and move my lazy bod!

Our third blood test is tomorrow, so we should be much clearer about the outcome of IVF1 by the afternoon. Phew 🙂

In the mean time, here are Christmas on helium’s top ten tunes, guaranteed to overcome the grimmest of moods – even Glumbags is tapping his toes.

Dance, people!

N-Joi – Anthem

Barbara Tucker – Beautiful People

 First Choice – Let No Man Put Asunder

Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body

Alison Limerick – Where Loves Lives

Gat Decor – Passion (Do You Want it Right Now)

C + C Music Factory – I Found Love

Byron Stingily – Get Up Everybody

Liquid – Sweet Harmony

Sound of Eden – Shades of Rhythm


21 thoughts on “Christmas on helium – on the decks

    1. Thank you my lovely. It’s been another twist in the tale. Numbers have gone up to 321. Hospital think ectopic. We think, blimey there is a little embie or two, growing inside me. Feel weirdly proud of them. Odd, but true!

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      1. Oh lovely that really is a good sign with the numbers – I’ve learnt that all medical profs think the worst. Keep positive – I hope so much it isn’t ectopic and I’m also pretty sure you’d be in a lot of pain wouldn’t you? Well done you xxx

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      2. Do you think? Could they be wrong? Of course, the maternal instinct in me is so hoping for this! Maybe a miracle baby!! X x Ah, I will stay calm for them. I need to be a good mum. X Thank you for your constant encouragement! X How are you doing? Tell me your news to distract me! X


      3. Why are they so convinced it’s ectopic?
        My news is I have two weeks off work – hurray! I’m still a vomit machine – I’m trying to pretend my fat tummy is the baby showing (it’s not I’ve always been fat!)


      4. Oh hurray for your 2 weeks off. I’m so pleased you’ve got time to yourself. And you are funny about baby tum – I reckon pregnancy entitles you to think what you makes you happiest, sod everything else! x x You do make me smile the way you write, you vomit machine, you are so brilliant the way you’re doing this pregnancy, I’m watching and learning. Re the ectopic, they say the numbers are way below viable pregnancy, and they correlate with ectopic – but you are right, I may as well keep focused on the fact that the docs don’t know everything (they thought it was BFN at first, after all!).


      5. I know they don’t want you to get hopes up but I thought that it wasn’t about high numbers it was about them doubling. Oh lovely I do hope that it works out – when’s your appt? Are you having any pain in your shoulder?

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      6. Right, I’ll ask for a scan. No pain at the mo. Still bleeding on and off. I do think the best way I can be a mum is believing in them, so I will do that. I am pregnant! Ha. That does feel pretty good to say actually!

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      7. hello ello, yes, they called this afternoon. We’re going in for a scan next Tuesday. I think the numbers need to be higher before they can see anything. Feeling really good today. It’s like you say, the docs don’t know it all 🙂 You are such an amazing support, thank you! x x

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      8. Anything is possible – I learnt that first hand – after my first bloods I was told they were too low and the bleeding just meant that they were sure it was over – so they don’t know everything. If you get any pains etc then get straight to a and e – ectopic can be very dangerous although I’m really not convinced it is ectopic at all xxx

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      9. Yeah, they’ve said to go straight to hospital with sharp pains. At the mo, it’s not that, just mild cramping really.
        So, have you got anything nice planned for your break? Or is it feet up and lollies the whole way? x


    1. Thank you so much, result still inconclusive, but hospital are now referring us to early pregnancy unit for assessment for possible ectopic. I think the only way forward with all of this is to just take life one day at a time and consume much cheese!

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